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多伦多出庭律师Allan Rouben (艾伦•鲁宾)

多伦多出庭律师Allan Rouben (艾伦•鲁宾)是安大略省出庭律师协会的董事会成员,毕业于奥斯古德法学院,逾27年以上的出庭经验。 他专注于民事的辨护,起诉和上诉, 热衷于法律,喜欢面临各种复杂案件所带来的挑战。艾伦坚信加拿大司法体系,他认为一个好的出庭律师除了具备诚实,机智,判断力,口才和行业道德外,跟客户保持友好关系也及为重要。客户对律师的信任和信心是律师与客户关系的重心,把客户的利益永远放在律师的利益的前面是他多年来跟客户之间保持不可动摇信念的基础。

Allan Rouben has been practice law for over 27 years. He handles complicated civic cases including appointment law, business disputes and appeals. He is a member of board directors of the Ontario trial lawyers association and has appeals in court on many important cases. Allan adores practicing law and especially enjoys the challenges associated with appearing in Court in difficult and complicated matters. The most rewarding aspect of his legal practice, though, has been the personal relationships he made with the clients he has had over the years. He believes strongly in providing personal service and in giving his personal attention to his clients’ cases.

Tel: 416-360-5444 (English)

Tel: 416-892-0826 (Chinese)

Fax: 416-365-7702

E-mail: arouben@bellnet.ca

Website: www.allanrouben.com

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